¤The Mydon Breed¤
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¤Cyril's Breed/Race¤

Born into one the strongest races known, Cyril is half Saiyan, and half human. As he grew, his power grew, and he slowly began to forget his human side's strength's, though he continued to struggle with it's weaknesses. Slowly, as time progessed he began to excersize his human half, and with the help of his loving sister, he grows strong everyday.

After leaving his home Realm in search of his mother, he finally found himself in Rhydin. Shortly afterward he was amazed at the hundreds of races which roamed the streets. Quickly Cyril focused on one of the many.

He began to spend more and more time in areas where Vampires could be found. Within a few short weeks, Cyril was had become what he thought killed his father-a Vampire. He met Akira Petra, who he fall in love with shortly after being turned. After beginning to learn to use his Vampire abilties he discovered one of his favorite techniques.

Cyril now lives with the rare abilty to absorb the power of an attack used on him. His body takes the damage, but also convects over half the pain into engery. With his, Cyril can take several hits, then with a single strike he uses the power of attacks he his taken, and often wins-turning his opponent's strength against them.

¤6th Gen Malkavian Vampire
¤Sired by Akira Petra

(Cyril can go from his normal (Saiyan) form, to an emotianless Vampire form. Picture below)

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