~¤~Cyril Mydon~¤~
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The young man stands at 6' weighing 217lbs. His flowing, clean black hair is also streaked with silver. His hair comes to an end just above his armored shoulders. His mysterious eyes of ice blue are sometimes partly covered by his bangs, at times covering half of his face. At times this gives him a cunning and young look.

His complextion of a flawless peach is sometimes hinted with a gentle tan. His thin nose, and thin red lips give him a flawless face, which is extremely handsome for his age of a mere 17 years. Behind his tempting lips his pearl white teeth, and sharp fangs are hidden. His strong neck leads into his broad, muscluar shoulders, which are potected by his armor's light purple shoulder extentions.

The sparkling armor extends past his shoulders by five inches. His toned shoulders, which are hidden by a thin layer of black armor, blend into his armored forearms. The guards on his forearms are a water like blue, and end in sharp edges near his elbows. His fingers are not covered by the metal like armor, but by the thin black armor, like that on his upper arms. The muscles of his upper arms are easily seen, yet not protruding too far. His stomach and chest have the same muscluar design, though both are hidden by his spectatluar chest plate. The glimmering, heavily weighted, icy purple armor hugs his figure tightly; with sides of lighter blue.

The dazzling armor then blends into his pants. Strapped to his thin protective black pants are large, tough light purple peices of armor, oval in shape to sheild his thighs; the same goes for his lower legs-only the color a light brown. The thinest of the armor covers both his legs, but is very flexible so that he can easily bend his kThe back of his thighs and lower legs are unprotected, so he must be careful of attacks from behind.

Though all this protection is over half of Cyril's weight, his movements are always with ease. Finally to end his outfit are a simple pair of heavy, brown boots, which are also nees. armored. Behind him, a long silver/blue cloak, which is attached at the front of his shoulders, billows freely, reaching his ankles.

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